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We are passionate IT engineers that provide highly processed and extraordinary customer service.  We are passionate about our culture and we think you will too.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and we provide process around the tasks to create a predictable outcome.

Each service is different but a typical remote work force with O365 backbone is $85/person a month  and that includes cybersecurity as well as backups.  We encourage you to request a quote to understand your needs and make sure we align.

The definition for the cloud can seem murky, but essentially, it’s a term used to describe a global network of servers, each with a unique function. The cloud is not a physical entity, but instead is a vast network of remote servers around the globe which are hooked together and meant to operate as a single ecosystem.

There is always a amount of vulnerability to security but we highly mitigate the risk by using CIS standards, Cloud backup and Blackpoint Cybersecurity where real cybersecurity experts watch over your data 24/7/365

Whether its O365, Azure or AWS we are able to work with any of these platforms.

There are particular needs for when a company is in the cloud so it is a possibility you may need to upgrade, but we make sure it’s 100% necessary first as we are capable of supporting anything that is modern day.

A remote only workforce that functions entirely in the cloud.

Your company understands that working with IT can help give you a competitive advantage and not a necessary evil.

You expect your IT to be a part of your team.